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Math Brain

Math Brain

Cate Scott Campbell

Cate Scott Campbell created, wrote, produced, fundraised, and wardrobed Math Brain, a STEM PSA in the form of a 1980s infomercial.

I was brought in towards the end of the project to help with some of the graphics and logo, which was all in line with the funky 80’s theme.

The project was super awesome to work on—if anything, I’ll let Cate tell you more about it:

Helmed by a female-led creative team, featuring a diverse cast of women and teens, and based on research by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, Math Brain was made possible in part by the Harnisch Foundation.

The video hit 50K views across all channels in its first week with minimal press efforts, and has been covered and praised by BUST, Ms. Magazine, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, Tumblr, WhoHaha, and more.


A little piece of animation that I created for Math Brain. Spencer Devlin Howard brought this life with his sound design and kick-ass intro.