gio castro

Flare Me Dark

Flare Me Dark launch and Flare Me Dark/Light media buy


Select was tasked with helping to launch Clairol Professional’s new line, Flare Me Dark. Flare Me Dark was concepted as a sister line to Flare Me Light, and targeted those with darker hair. Select shot, produced, and created assets around the campaign.

After testing, however, Clairol was finding that consumers were having difficulties understanding the differentiation between Flare Me Dark and Light. The brand tasked us with coming up with a targeted media buy that would help educate the consumers on the difference between the two, and move them to purchase.


Clairol Professional


Attempt 1: Exposure

Attempt 2: Education

Attempt 3: Closure


Executive Creative Director: Fabrice Policella

Design Director: Katherine Beasley

Copywriter: Brian Nesbitt

Art Director: Gio Castro

Animation: Gio Castro, Elyse Clark, Mel Ortega