gio castro
art direction, design, motion graphics

Clairol Air Dry

Clairol Professional’s Launch of Air Dry


Air Dry

iThrive from Clairol Professionals


 Building off their success with their iThrive line, Clairol Professionals sought to expand their offerings with a new line called Air Dry. Air Dry was focused on the consumer who preferred to skip heat styling for the health of their hair, but didn't want to skimp on styling.


The world of Air Dry was conceived as fresh and easy, flowing and free–the feeling of an on-the-go lifestyle, up high where the air is fresh and the sky's the limit. We produced a variety of social assets, with an additional pre-roll to be shown on Youtube.


A “disruptive” asset created to catch the attention of a consumer on Instagram


Pre-Roll created for Youtube


Executive Creative Director: Fabrice Policella

Design Director: Katherine Beasley

Art Directors: Steve Kapella, Gio Castro

Animation: Gio Castro