gio castro
art direction, design, motion graphics


Wella Color Charm PAINTS



Wella Color Charm


Concepted as Wella Color Charm’s foray into creative color, PAINTS emerged as an exploration of the inspiration that is all around us. Wella put the power of painting into the consumer’s hands, so once you see inspiration: you create it.


PAINTS Color Wheel

The PAINTS color wheel was imagined as a way to showcase the new Wella colorcharm PAINTS shades, highlight their benefit of intermixability, and emphasize the nature of inspiration as a source for creative color combinations. 



A variety of fun social assets were created for the campaign.
See a few of our selections below.

Executive Creative Director: Fabrice Policella

Design Director: Katherine Beasley

Art Directors: Steve Kapella, Gio Castro

Animation: Gio Castro